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Intelligent eDiscovery

Document review is broken. It’s too expensive. It’s not intelligent. You don’t need armies of attorneys. You need strategic thinkers driving smart technology. This is Tritura. 

eDiscovery success is no longer about processing data faster. It is about getting to the facts faster. Those who understand the facts at the beginning of the eDiscovery process not at the end will design better case strategy and drive down eDiscovery costs.

When clients source eDiscovery services like collection, processing, hosting and review  from Tritura, we help their counsel develop their legal strategy hand-in-glove with their technical strategy. This is critical as the courts and adverse parties continue to grow increasingly sophisticated.



Identification and Collection. Working with eDiscovery counsel, we help effectuate legal strategy for identifying and collecting relevant electronic information in a defensible manner.

Processing, Hosting and Production. At Tritura, we have a wide variety of leading technology in place for the processing, hosting and production of electronically stored information (ESI).

Fact Development Services. We see document review as fact development. We pioneered the use of advanced technology and specialized document reviewers to quickly harvest the critical facts from the evidence. Getting to the facts faster empowers better case strategy and drives down cost.

Supporting Investigations and Audits. Outside of the litigation context, our experience in quickly and strategically harvesting the facts from our client’s data is equally critical. Our clients rely on this experience to provide key information to counsel for a variety of scenarios, including regulatory examinations, internal investigations, and audits.

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