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Fact Development

With the proliferation of data and the costs associated with eDiscovery, the ability to quickly harvest and develop critical facts is paramount to successful legal objectives.

Through years of experience, Tritura has formulated a methodology that allows us to quickly analyze large amounts of data and develop important facts and issues.

This is what greatly reduces the expense of eDiscovery using Tritura.

eDiscovery doesn’t have to be inherently expensive. Doing it poorly is what is costly.

Our fact development analyses are conducted by a core team of attorneys who become subject matter experts on the key issues of the matter.

Using powerful analytic tools and technology-assisted review, we are able to quickly identify key documents and follow the clues within them to additional critical elements of the case.

Developing these facts at the earliest stages allows us to assess your position in a case, ultimately driving strategy and earlier resolution of the matter.

Mastering the facts Efficiently.

Knowing what happened, and what didn't.

Linear document review is deservedly becoming a thing of the past. It has proven to be inefficient and, more importantly, ineffective. 

We have overcome the inefficiencies of traditional doc-by-doc review by refining iterative techniques to gather similar documents into larger subsets to code them consistently, building upon our findings to identify target-rich data sets within the document universe, utilizing advanced analytical functions such as predictive coding and machine learning.

We employ extensive quality control measures like statistical sampling, null set analysis, and outlier classification analysis to prove the accuracy and sufficiency of our processes.

In short, we combine astute legal strategy with advanced technology to tell you what happened, and sometimes more importantly, what did not.

Delivering to the Merits Team.

Fact Development

We have also mastered one of the greatest inefficiencies of traditional document review, the transfer of knowledge from the review team to the merits team. 

Our entire fact development strategy is centered on delivering the facts necessary for the merits team to make legal decisions.

We organize the facts to match the legal elements of the case, obviating the need for expensive and time-consuming second- and third-level reviews.

We also provide a written report of the facts, as contained in the documents and cited to them.

We do all of this in a fraction of the time (and cost) it takes for traditional review, and we can prove it is significantly more accurate.

Our fact development strategies are successful not only in litigation but in many circumstances outside of the typical litigation preparation context.

We have utilized our innovative services to assist clients in a variety of scenarios, including the vetting of potential executives and appointees, revisiting M&A due diligence to rectify valuation disputes and achieve purchase price adjustments, and in internal and whistleblower investigations.

Quite simply, our proven fact development strategies put our clients in a superior command of the facts, and facts drive resolution.

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