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Effective IG

Effective information governance relies heavily upon the effective use of technology. At Tritura, our technology professionals know how to use technology to solve information governance challenges.


Information Governance

Data Migration and Classification. When you need to make sense of, or move, large amounts of data, we can help. Our team has the ability to create a data remediation and auto-classification strategy, and we have the technology to cull through and organize the data. When dealing with data, it is essential to not only look back at what you currently have, but plan and organize new data as it is generated.

Compliance Programs. Our team can help shed light on current data and behaviors to detect and prevent misconduct and identify issues before they fully develop. We have the knowledge and technology to identify patterns of conduct and provide clients with an early warning so they can act before significant liability develops.

Technology Consulting. Our team has deep knowledge across industries. We can help you assess, make recommendations for purchase, and then implement new information systems.

Board and Control Group Protection. It is crucial in information governance to ensure that the confidential data of your board members or control group is not lumped in with the general data of the company. We can help establish a system for a company’s board members so that communication channels are strictly controlled. We can also help segregate a defined control group’s data so that confidential information is handled with heightened security.

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