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An IG approach

Tritura created an integrated information governance (IG) team focused on comprehensively addressing our client’s cybersecurity, incident management, analytics, information management, and e-discovery needs.

To accomplish this, we assembled an unrivaled team of the industry’s top lawyers, security consultants, technologists, data scientists, and other professionals widely recognized as leaders in their respective fields.

Our unique approach leverages a truly multidisciplinary team to help our clients not only respond to data breaches and other incidents in a fast, comprehensive, and effective way, but also to prepare their organization in a way that minimizes the chances of such incidents occurring and their impact if and when they occur. 


Incident Response

Incident Response Management. Operating and coordinating a comprehensive, real-time approach to incident management for organizations experiencing a breach, theft, ransomware attack or other cybersecurity incident.

Incident Assessment. Evaluating the risks to the organization, data subjects, and third parties from incidents involving the loss, theft, or unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of data assets, and develop a concomitant strategy and tactical plan.

Incident Communication Planning  and Execution. 
Managing communications with law enforcement, regulatory authorities and data subjects in accordance with legal requirements and organization’s policies. Work with client’s public relations team to respond to media inquiries.

Investigations & Litigation. Defending organizations in government investigations and prosecutions, as well as in individual and class actions related to cybersecurity incidents.

Analytics-Enabled Incident Response. Applying sophisticated data analytics to aid in incident response, cybersecurity remediation, internal investigations, due diligence, data loss prevention, and other aspects of cybersecurity and information governance.


Incident Preparedness

Cybersecurity Compliance Assessment. 
Evaluating an organization’s overall compliance (or a particular data processing activity or technology) with specific laws, regulations, and standards.

Data Asset Mapping, Remediation, and Protocol Development. Creating a comprehensive view of an organization’s data environment as foundation for a practical, risk-adjusted approach to managing, remediating, and protecting data assets.

Benchmarking and Maturity Assessments. 
Evaluating the relative maturity of an organization’s cybersecurity program, and/or benchmark against the maturity of similar organizations.

Vulnerability Testing. Working closely with our technical partners, test and evaluate security controls.

Cybersecurity Training. Train employees, executive management, and boards on general cybersecurity best practices, as well develop and deliver organization-specific awareness and compliance training.

Tabletop Exercises. Leading an organization through simulated incidents to reveal and identify actions that should be taken and clarify organizational roles and responsibilities.

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