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What is QuarterJack?

QuarterJack is a service providing critical data analysis in the legal, business, financial, and other fields. QuarterJack’s capabilities come from an engine that can be dropped under the hood of a vehicle of almost any type—even those that are highly customized and specialized. Whether the “vehicle” is a service offering that needs breathtaking acceleration, power, and speed, or one that requires finely tuned sophistication and handling, QuarterJack can provide its beating heart.

QuarterJack has already proven itself as the engine powering our solutions to a wide variety of client needs. In fact, client demand has been our navigational north star as we have focused and tuned QuarterJack’s capabilities.


How QuarterJack℠ can help


High volumes of complex legal documents and data

Your client has a need to evaluate, process, harmonize, or otherwise extract meaning and materiality from high volumes of documents or data with “legal” significance (i.e., documents where their contents, form, context, or interrelationships have legal implications).

The value of QuarterJack is further heightened where your client’s documents or data are complex with, for example, multiple versions or parts, and there is a need to establish factors like provenance, context, or materiality.


time sensitive legal decisions based on documents or data

Your client is seeking to make time-sensitive decisions based on documents or data that have significant legal implications.

The value of QuarterJack is heightened when your client is subject to an external timeline for making these decisions, as it QuarterJack can dramatically reduce the time required to provide decision-makers with the insight they need to make defensible, evidence-based choices.



legal oversight of a business process

Your client is working with a high volume of documents or data that are part of a process that is traditionally thought of as “legal” or requiring legal advice and oversight, even though that may be a small portion of the overall process. In such instances QuarterJack can enable the firm to participate in a larger portion of the overall process and its attendant revenue.

The value of QuarterJack is increased when the client is resource-constrained as the platform can drive efficiency and less reliance upon manual work. 

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