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Welcome to the new information era.

Harvest the value. handle the risk.

We live in an era of Internet-scale enterprise infrastructure, powerful analytical tools, and massive data sets from which we can potentially wring profound new insights about business, society, and ourselves.

This is an era of unprecedented scrutiny from courts and regulators; an era where the difference between the winners and losers is mastery of information.

Mastery of Information is everything.

Where we excel.


incident management

Build a strategy to plan for, respond to, and manage cyber incidents. 


information governance

Use technology to solve information governance challenges.



You don’t need armies of attorneys. You need strategic thinkers driving smart technology.



Leveraging a technology-driven information strategy to drive case strategy.

Your Partner in the new information era.

Experienced Lawyers. Experienced Data Scientists.

Bennett B. Borden

Executive Managing Director

The world’s first Lawyer and Chief Data Scientist who sets global standards on all things data. 

Jay Brudz

Executive Managing Director

A lawyer and computer forensics guru who builds and manages global eDiscovery operations.

Christopher T. Graves

Chief Operating Officer

A USMC Colonel who provides innovative approaches to investigation support and actionable intelligence. 

Kenneth J. Darrell

Lead Data Scientist

An author and teacher who creates machine learning and AI systems across industries.

Build better legal strategy faster.

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